Forever…by Judy Blume

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Blume, Judy. Forever… New York: Simon & Sister, 1975.

Annotation: Teenagers Michael and Katherine meet on New Year’s Eve. They fall in love, have a sexual relationship, and then eventually separate.

Award: ALA 1996 Margaret A. Edwards Award

Review: Judy Blume’s Forever… tells the story of first love and the trial and tribulations that form from such a union. High school students, Michael and Katherine fall for each other one New Year’s Eve. Their bond is powerful. To them, nothing can keep them apart. However, in time, Michael and Katherine have to separate. It is during these months while Katherine is at summer camp she deals with heartbreak and moving on from an intimate relationship.

This classic young adult novel truthfully examines the innocence of young love, while also detailing the young couple’s sexual relationship. Controversial for its explicitness, Forever… carefully explains the necessity for birth control. However, because the novel was originally printed in the seventies, sexually transmitted diseases were not, for the most part, an issue. Even so, newer editions have a forward written by Blume discussing the risks of these types of diseases and the initiatives one should take to prevent exposure. Regardless of the mature content, Forever…is a simplistically written work intended for high school students. Even though teenagers today will find the sexual details realistic and informative, however, the narrative and characters are colorless and bland. Overall, it is a work more noted for its unequivocal content than the execution of those details.