Teen Voice: Alisha

Alisha, 16

I read a lot of fiction books that usually are more on the fantasy side. I am not familiar with any historical fiction titles.


Teen Voice: Alex

Alex, 17

Anime/graphic novels are the best thing you could possibly read. They are more sophisticated than they seem. 

Teen Voice: Samantha

Samantha, 14

I don’t read historical fiction books. They tend to bore me a lot, so I stay away from them when I can.

My favorite genre is romance. I just love books about relationships and love… for some reason.

I haven’t read any blogs for young adult literature. Honestly, I wouldn’t really know where I’d find them unless I searched for it. If blogs on the more popular books were more common to come across, there would be a much bigger chance that I would read them

Teen Voice: John

 John, 16

I do not read historical fiction because (although I know this is unjust) history class bored me to death; so, I assume the books would do the same.

My favorite genre is fantasy fiction because I found it fun to pretend that I can actually do the impossible things that happen in the book.

I do not read Young Adult literature blogs. I think having a better-known celebrity would attract me to do so