Revolution by Jennifer Donnelly

Donnelly, Jennifer. Revolution. New York: Delacorte Books for Young Readers, 2010. Print.

Image provided by Goodreads


2011, ALA Odyssey Honor


Intertwining stories between two girls from different centuries, one lives in modern day, the other is from the French Revolution.


Could it get worse? For Andi Alpers, her brother is dead, she is failing school and she is fatally depressed. Her only motivation is playing the guitar. Things take a turn when she discovers the diary of Alexandrine Paradis, a servant to the King and Queen during the French Revolution. Two different girls from two different worlds, however, they share much in common.  Through the juxtaposition of Andi and Alexandrine’s battles, one will overcome her pain; the other will succumb to it. Who will win the revolution?


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